WHO SAVE THE NATURE ? 8 Clubs to Save Nature in India

By | March 20, 2017

We are becoming the most distant from the environment in the life of the city  but,  there is also a group of people in the country who are contributing in the preservation of the nature. we should help them to save nature. It’s a god gifted things. Which gives we everything costs free. Like- air, water, sun light, soil,everything has given by nature.
Understand, About the same group of lovers of 8 cities.
1) Nature Club, Surat
This club is active since 1984. It was founded by some friends . To save nature, it impose the people to connect with you. This campaign also runs in the city to save the vacant place. It’s meeting every saturday. This club’s own helpline no. On which people can tell about injured birds, animals, and snakes.
2) Nature Mate, Kolkata
This club of nature lovers currently has 50 members. It also does a survey on biodiversity and also saves animals. This group of butterflies in the city also makes a garden. The oldest butterfly garden in the city Banbitanis built by this club.
3) Fun with Nature, Chandigarh
Chandigarh is a one of the most beautiful cities of the country.This club makes people  to get closer to nature.These club encourages the children and their mothers to observe birds and roam in the village. It was founded by Diksha Suri.
4) Vidyanagar Nature Club, Ballabh Vidyanagar
it started in 1988 in Anand district of Gujarat. This club searches from nature based hobby until it finds ways to save nature. Apart From This, It encourages the volontants  to count the number of birds and clocks and free mapping percentages.
5) Honney Be Nature Club, Bangalore
Bangalore is called the city of gardens. This club takes people to a place where very few people go. Organizes workshops on organic horticulture. Make them aware of the environment. Birthday party encourages not to harm the nature.
6) Prakriti Nature Club, Kodinaar
Nearly two decade old works to save the club sharks and migratory birds and tell the children about the importance of nature in school. It was establish by Dinesh Goswami. He was labour. first of all, he campaigned to save local biological species around,. They were also known to scape the shark.
7) Nature Clun, Valsaad
The foundation of this club in gujarat was laid in 2009. People in this club are busy campaigning to  the vultures and sparrow. Apart from this, They organizes a party  for people with birds and butterflies. So that people becomes sensible.
8) Madras Naturalist   Society, Chennai
In the year 1978, 16 nature lovers established this club. It also called MNS shortly. This club tries to bring the diversity  of the area closer  to the people. For this MNS also organizes lecturers and seminars. Books and journals are also printed.


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