What is Blogging, How To Start Blog in 2021, Earn to Blogging

By | January 28, 2021

What is Blogging

If you want to know to blog, then is the right place for you because here I am going to show you the complete guide for blogging and how you can make it your part-time, full-time carrier. At the starting of Blogging, it was just a personal diary or like a notebook but now a day, blogging provides everything. By blogging you can make money, you just not make money, You can build your financial and informational hub to it. We know that everything except god is available on google. Where to come to this thing. It’s just because of blogging. On this page, you will get clear and complete details of blogging. How you can start it and start earning.



Blogging Details

A blog means, It is an informational bucket, where the people will get all kinds of information online available in each geographical area. All the things, knowledge, the information in written format on google online is a blog. That is written by a person or a group of people, or many persons, that is called a blogger. A blogger provides their choice and interesting blog through their website. How to Earn from Blogging

There are more than 5.50 million blogs are life in google where a lot of users/visitors/searchers are always live on google 24/365. You know, Google have all question answer, how?  It just because of blogging. Because a blogger creates that blog and online that information. Same a millions of blogger provide blogs on a lot niche.



How To Start Blog in 2021

Blogging is the best way to earn money from your home or anywhere in the world. It’s an online process. you just need a well configure website, laptop, and good speed internet. Now a day, a lot of people daily searching about blogging and want to know how to earn online from home. Last year, in the COVID-19 situation blogging craze bounce more. Last six or seven months, there are huge websites and blogs come. During covid-19, it’s a challenge for everyone to be financially well. Blogging would be started from your home, office,


To start a blog you just need to speed 5-10$ not much. Once you growing up then you need better hosting and other services. If you want to start blogging for free then blogger.com will be good for you and earn. There are many websites which provide blogging service free and a fixed costs. You need a website. You can check below website Builders


I – WordPress

        II – WIX.COM       

     III – Joomla     


Purpose of Blogging

Here we know that the blog helps billions of people daily every time to their all kind to work like entertainment, knowledge, 1-learning, food, health, etc. This is the purpose of blogging. The main Purpose of Blogging to share information across the web to provide people easy access to any information and resources. The guy’s who did this blogging honestly by their strong labor, they get a lot of money and they become famous.


How to Start Blogging

If you are interested in some niche or information and want to share this on the web, then you can start blogging. Blogging is a technique to share your interesting information or thins to with that relevant person across the web. It is an online service. Where you need a laptop and a good speed internet. If you really interested in some niche and you have knowledge about that niche then you should start blogging. To start blogging You need the following things –

A – A Domain Name 

B – Hosting                 

     C – Security Shell (SSL)


To start blogging, You should have a healthy website. Healthy means, fresh and clean website. Where you will publish your blog post or article. That will be ranked on google and the relevant user will read your article if your article ranked on google well. Click Here for More blogging tips.


Important Things for Blogging

You can create a purchase a website. During this, you must think about the website name. Because what kind of article you are interested and going to write on your website. If your website name will be matched your content or article category then your blog will run quickly. There are many companies or websites that provide domain and hosting at cost.

Once you get a complete website then you have to set up it. You have to set up your website where you can do some coding or you can use plugins. You have to add a theme and many plugins for your website for blogging. You have to SEO your website to rank. For this, you can use an SEO plugin. You can comment me to know which SEO plugin is the best today. Once you completed the website configuration you can create your website pages like – About us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy & Policy.


Best Domain & Hosting Provider

       1 – Bluehost.Com – Best Web Host for Beginners

 2 – Hostinger.in    – Best Cheap Hosting Plans

             3 – A2hosting.Com –  Fast & Reliable Shared Hosting

     4 – Hostgator.in     Best for Lean/Minimal Needs

Blogging Beginning Details

You can make the online privacy and policy page and disclaimer page free from another popular website. Now you can start writing your choice article and post and publish it to google. To rank on Google, you have to maintain your website well and regularly provide articles for your viewers. You must know about your competitor to ranked on google well. There are online many tools available that will show you your competitor and provide you a guide to improve your website performance.


Earn to Blogging

Once your blogging rum well on google and the visitors come to your site for their daily queries then you will be able to earn from them. It’s just not an automatic process. You have to submit your site to ad providers like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Media.net, etc. When they search for your site that is your website able to show your ads or not. If you will be eligible then you will get approval. After that, you can show ads on your blog post and then your earning will start.


Summary of Blogging

Blogging is an online process to share information across the web through your website and if your blog really well and covers many people then you can earn more and be rich. If you are laborious then you can make your carrier in blogging. the main benefits of blogging are that you can start it from your home alone and workload you can add more people. You will be your own boss by blogging and feel free any time anywhere, not any problem for holidays and fun.



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