Welcome 1200 Yezidi refugees from Iraq by Canada.

By | February 22, 2017

Canada will resettling 1200 refugee who faced persecution by the Islamic state group, the immigration minister has said that, “Our operation is under way and individual survivors of Daesh have been arriving in canada for resettlement in the last number of months and this began on 25 OCT,2016” immigration minister ahmed hussen. 400 refugee have already been airlifted to this country. “Hussen said 1200 refugee will resettle highly vulnerable survivors of Daesh and their family members.
The main aim was to bring over girl and womens at risk but hussen told in a conference that ottawa”Daesh has also deliberately targeted boys and as such we are helping to resettle all child survivors of Daesh.”The operation is expected to cost 28 million canadian dollers(USD 21 million). In 2015 prime minister Justin Trudeau’s government has resettled 40000 Syrian refugees.
Hussen said,the yezidi taken in have been subjected to comprehensive security checks and medical examination. They are neither  Arab nor Muslim and IS considers them polytheistic heretics.


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