Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam Election 2017, Reservation List of Nagar palika Parishad, Nagar panchayat

By | October 17, 2017

UP Nagar Nigam Chunav 2017 (उत्तर प्रदेश नगर निकाय चुनाव 2017 न्यूज़)
There are total 26 thousand voter increased in this election. It has declared in last publishing of voter list. In this nagar nigam election total 22.74 Lakh voter will be give their votes.  In the UP Tota 110 ward’s where total number of voter is 2273854. The capital of UP eight nagar panchayat where election will be. The BLO will be on duty on election day’s to verify and check voter. The Lucknow nagar panchayat voter given below.

Nagar Panchayat  Total Voter Increased Voter
Amethi 11412 266
Intaunja 5581 95
kakori 15651 498
Gosainganj 8009 212
Naagram 8975 238
Biketi 42675 2045
Malihabaad 148466 245
Mahona 6565 615
Total 113714

Reservation List of Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam, Nagar panchayat, Nagar palika parishad 2017
On the Lucknow mayor’s seat first time any women candidates may sit. But before two time women’s candidates comes in election in fray but they are not won. In the 199 nagar palika parishad of Lucknow, 25 seats are reserved for scheduled casts (sc) where 08 seats are reserved for SC women’s candidates. for 53 palika parishad seats are reserved for backward class where 18 seats will be reserved for BC women’s. 40 palika parishad seats are reserved for general category  women’s candidate and 81 seats are reserved for general category candidates.

Total Nagar Palika Parishad in Lucknow  199
Seats are Reserved for SC  25
Seats are Reserved for SC women’s  08
Seats are Reserved for BC  53
Seats are Reserved for BC Women’s  18
Seats are Reserved for General  81
Seats are Reserved for General Women’s  40

However,there are total 438 seats of nagar panchayat of pradesh. In the 438 seats 56 seats are reserved for SC where 19 seats are reserved for women’s,  118 seats are reserved for BC where 40 seats are reserved for women’s. There are 86 seats are reserved for women’s while 178 nagar panchayat for Unreserved (UR).

Total Seats of Nagar Panchayat of Lucknow  438
Seats are Reserved for SC  56
Seats are Reserved for SC Women’s  19
Seats are Reserved for BC  118
Seats are reserved for BC Women’s  40
Seats are Reserved for General Category  178
Seats are Reserved for General Category Women’s  86

Cities are of Lucknow population is 4.16 crore where 52.59 Lakh population of SC, 01.53 crore population of BC, Here, the reservation of seats declare on the bases of schedule casts populations.

Total Population of Lucknow 04.16 crore
Total Population of SC in Lucknow 52.59 Lakh
Total Population of BC in Lucknow 01.53 crore

 Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam Reservation List 2017

SI No. Nagar Nigam Name  Reservation
1 Faijabad Unreserved
2 Jhanshi Unreserved
3 Aligarh Unreserved
4 Muradabad Unreserved
5 Bareli Unreserved
6 Allahabad Unreserved
7 Aagra Unreserved
8 Gajiyabad Women
9 Kanpur nagar women
10 Lakhnow women
11 Gorakhpur  Backward Class
12 Saharanpur Backward Class
13 Varanasi Backward Class Women
14 Firojabad Backward Class Women
15 Merath Scheduled Casts Women
16 Mathura Scheduled Casts

Uttar Pradesh Nagar palika Parishad Reservation List 2017 View 

District Nagar palika Parishad Reservation
Amethi Gauriganj Scheduled Cast
Sitapur Sitapur Unreserved
Sitapur Mahmudabad Backward Class
Sitapur Laharpur Backward Class
Sitapur Khaurabad Backward Class
Sitapur Misrikh, Naimisarany Scheduled Cast Women
Sitapur Biswan Unreseved
Ambedkar Nagar Akbarpur Women
Ambedkar Nagar Tanda Backward Class Women
Ambedkar Nagar Jalalpur Backward Class Women
Gonda Nababganj Unreserved
Gonda Gonda Women
Gonda Karneilganj Backward Class Women
Faizabad Rudauli Backward Class
Bahraich Nanpara Backward Class
Bahraich Bahraich Women
Fatehpur Fatehpur Women
Barabanki Nababganj Women
Sultanpur Sultanpur Women
Balrampur utraula Unreserved
Balrampur Balrampur Women
Shrabasti Bhinga Unreserved

Reservation List of Uttar Pradesh Nagar Panchayat Chunav  2017

District Nagar Panchayat Reservation
Amethi Amethi Unreserved
Amethi Musaphirkhana Unreserved
Barabanki Siddhaur Schedule Cast
Barabanki Dariabad Backward Class
Barabanki Subeha Backward Class
Barabanki Deva Backward Class
Barabanki Tikait Nagar Unreserved
Barabanki Jaidpur Backward Class Women
Barabanki Fatehpur Women
Barabanki Belhara Women
Barabanki Ram Nagar Unreserved
Barabanki Banki Unreserved
Barabanki Satrikh Unreserved
Barabanki Haidergarh Women
Sultanpur Dostpur Scheduled cast
Sultanpur Koirip[ur Backward Class
Sultanpur Kadipur Unreserved
Lucknow Intaunja Unreserved
Lucknow Naagram Scheduled Cats
Lucknow Gosainganj Unreserved
Lucknow Bakshi Ka Talab Unreserved
Lucknow Malihabad Women
Lucknow Kakori Women
Lucknow Amethi Unreserved
Lucknow Mahona Unreserved
Ambedkar Nagar Iltifaganj Backward Class Women
Ambedkar Nagar Ashrafpur Kichhauchha Unreserved
Faizabad Bhadarsa Backward Class Women
Faizabad Gosainganj Backward Class
Faizabad Bikapur Unreserved
Bahraich Jarwal Backward Class
Bahraich Risiya Unreserved
Raibareilly Parashdepur Unreserved
Raibareilly Dalmau Unreserved
Raibareilly Saloon Unreserved
Raibareilly Bachhraba Unreserved
Raibareilly Nasirabad Women
Raibareilly Maharaj ganj Backward Class
Raibareilly Lalganj Unreserved
Raibareilly Unchahar Backward Class
Gonda Parashpur Women
Gonda Mankapur Unreserved
Gonda Khargupur Backward Class
Gonda Katra Backward Class
Sitapur Maholi Women
Sitapur Paintepur Backward Class
Sitapur Tandaur Ahamdabad Women
Sitapur Hargaon Unreserved
Sitapur Sindhauli Women
Balrampur Tulsipur Women
Balrampur Pachperwa Women
Shravasti Ikauna Unreserved

Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam – 16
Uttar Pradesh Nagar Palika Parishad – 194
Uttar Pradesh Nagar Panchayat – 438
Uttar Pradesh Wards Number – 11295


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