US assures India of Speedy justice to Indian American hate crimes

By | March 6, 2017

This is the third attack on indians in a fortnight, Mandeep rai shooted by a white asking him to ‘go back to your country’ .
Mandeep rai 39-years old shooted by a partially masked gunman in kent,Washington.This is the third attack on an Indian origin in the US within fortnight and comes close on the heels of the Donald Trump administration.
Mandeep rai described the shooter as a six-foot-tall man ,wearing mask covering his face lower half.
Last month in Kansas,Srinivas Kuchibhotla 32-years old indian engineer was killed by a 51-year old US navy veteran,Adam Purinton, open fire at him and his friend Alok Madasani, telling”get out of my country” . An Indian-origin convenience store owner,Harnish Patel,43-year old, of lancaster in south carolina, was founded dead of gunshot wounds,
About Mandeep Rai murder,Rai was working on his vehicle outside his home on friday when a staranger walk up to his homes driveway,stranger said to rai “go back to your own country” then shoot rai in the arm.
The US authorities have conveyed to ministry of home affairs(MEA) that the police were looking for the gunman.In the wake of such attacks, the state governments of Telangana and Andhara Pradesh have written to MEA, explaining the fears of parents of techies and students in the US over their  wards safety and security.The MEA is learnt to have asured the states that enough steps are being taken to communicate the matter to the US.
Around 35000 student pursuing different courses in the US and 1.5 Lack techies have been shaken by the Kansas Killing.
An official said that the government was ready to offer all assistances to rai.
Jasmit singh, a sikh leader in Washington said that , his community has reported a rise in incidents of verbal abuse.He said that the climate of is not distinguishing anyone,reminding a spate of attack against his community aftermath of the September 11 terror attack.
The community must get organised in broad coalitions with others who intend to defend immigrant and minorty rights,it said. “This is also a moment for indian communities in the US to reflect,take stocks,and prepare for the oncoming weeks and months of struggle against a rising tide of racism and xenophobia,” it added


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