UP Election 2017: PM Mock Akhilesh,Rahul; says they are "delicate"

By | March 6, 2017

On Sunday, PM Modi said that chief minister Akhilesh and congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi are mocks deligate people.” They are such delicate people who cannot take hard decisions.They think what if they lose what they got.I have not got anything in inheritance.
“Whatever i have got is due to the blessing of the people of Kashi.I can take hard decisions to rid the country of its problems.I have to courage to do so, PM said.
Pm said that, they are incapable to take hard decisions while pitching himself as a grassroots leader who can develop the state.
Modi said about the SP and BSP that,They are the two side of the same coin one side former being Akhilesh(SP) and second side Bahujan(BSP).
Modi presented himself as the one who will take UP the job of developing the state,Especially the eastern parts which are going to polls on 8 march if the BJP is voted to power.Reaching out to small traders who are in significant numbers here,he said they would not be touched by his government’s drive against corruption as the politicians and’babus’ have looted the country all these years.
Akhilesh has inherited his political powers from his father Milayam Singh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi has got it from “so many of his forefathers’,Modi said while using a local term,’Ghelua'(what come free of costs) for the two leaders. 


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