UP 5th Phase Election : 11 District will vote today.

By | February 27, 2017

Eastern UP and tarai area of Nepal is ready for the fifth phase of election. At this stage 51 legislative assembly of 11 district is voting. At this stage, Balrampur,Gonga, Faizabad, Ambedkarnagar, Bahraich, Shravasti, Siddarthnagar, Vasti Santkabirnagar, Amethi, and Sultanpur legislative assembly included.

At a Aalapur of Ambedkarnagar,SP candidate Chandrashekhar Kanaujiya,Election commission set a date of 9 march there is voting.Adding of Aalapur, all 52 seats  SP(Sapa) won 37 seats in 2012 in all of 52 seats.BJP and congress got 5-5 seats while BSP(Baspa) got 3 and PEES party got  2 seats.

SP candidates won all seats in Shravasti, Balrampur, Sultanpur and Ambedkarnagar. In a fifth stage, there is 608 candidates in election field . Most in Amethi 24 candidates are in the fray.Plenty of hype out: ASS, Kasab, and Piegon.

In this stage, Surronded by controversy where, Gayatri Prasad Prajapati(SP), Amita Singh(Congress), Garima Singh(BJP) in a election field. Amita is a second wife of congress leader Sanjay Singh while Garima is his first wife.

01.84 Crore voter
All 01.84 crore voter will used his franchiese. Where woman candidates 96 Lack. In this stage Vinod Kumar Singh alias Pandit Singh  at tarabganj of gonda.
Tej Narayan Pandey alias Pawan Pandey  from Ayodhaya and BSP stete president Ram Achal Rajbhar from Akbarpur. 
Election hype is over on saturday at 51 legislative assembly  according to fifth stage.


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