Understanding the network model

By | February 15, 2017

A network model describes how the different devices in a network are connected and how they devices communicate with each other.

The following list contains some of the standers network models:

  1. Point to Point communication
  2. Point-to -multipoint communication
  3. Peer to Peer
  4. Client/server
  5. Centralized

Point to point communication

In point to point communication, a direct connection exists between two computer, In this case, one computer can directly send data to another . Point-to-point communication can be implemented for both wired and wireless networks .  An example of point-to-point communication is a telephone cell . Advantages of point-to point communication are fast data flow and ease of maintenance and troubleshooting. Disadvantage of point to point communication include lack of security and redundancy.

Point to multipoint  communication

In point to multipoint communication, a single point in a network can interact with multiple point in the same network.Usually telecommunication networks work on point to multipoint communication.Point to multipoint  communication provides ease of sending data and accessing resources simultaneously from different location.This type of communication also provide granular control of resources from a central site.Disadvantage is that if the single central point fails, other devices will not be able to access each other.
Peer to  Peer
In this network,all the computers in the network are responsible for communication and data sharing. Ex:-homes, schools, and small business.Advantage of peer to peer network are that it is easy to install and configure.Disadvantage is that data recovery or backup is extremely difficult.


In this network, all computing resources and services provide by a computer called server.Other computer in the network only can send request to access services and resources to server.Advantage is that better control of resources for every device and computer connected to it.Disadvantage is that it is expensive and difficult to implement and maintain. The server in the client/server architecture acts as a data storage device.



In this network ,all network communication is controlled by a central computer.This central computer also performs data processing and storage for the other computers connected to it.Advantage is that, a centralized network is that the resources and data are easy to access using different devices and computers.Disadvantage is that when central device fails, then entire network’s fails.


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