Understanding Network Protocol

By | February 16, 2017

Network protocol
Help to define the rules and convention for communication between network devices. Provide certain methods to send and receive data in network.Manage data compression and check for errors in data.
Types of network protocol
TCP(transmission control protocol):
Tcp is one of the core protocol of the tcp/ip protocol suite. Tcp is also connection-oriented protocol.The tcp protocol is use for the WWW,e-mails,HTTP and HTTPS because it is the most forms of reliable communication. Tcp work on three way handshake principle, which is used for reliable connections and for making sure that the remote and receives data.
IP is the most important protocol used on the internet. It’s used with the transmission control  protocol.IP works on the principle of  assigning logical addresses to device that can be used to transfer data and communication. EX:-
It is a connection-less protocol.It is unreansferliable protocol because it does not receive acknowledgement from the receiver . It’s data transfer rate is fast.
Hyper text transfer protocol(HTTP):
It provide user intraction where user can intract  with network/protocol .Which operate on application layer.
Hyper text transfer protocol secure(HTTPs):
It is use to browsing and surfing network in encrypted text. This service protect to hacking.
DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration protocol):
It is used assigned ip-add automatically to network nodes.
FTP(File Transfer Protocol):
It is use to upload or download file to and from the server(for long large file).
TFTP(Trail File Transfer Protocol):
It is used to download or upload small file.
It is use to download email from email server. Pop-3 copy of email.
IMAP-4(Internet messaging Access Protocol):
It is use to download email from email server.Imap-4 cut of email.
SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol):
It is use to transfer one email server to another email server.
SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol):
It is use to manage network nodes . If any network nodes fails then SNMP TRAPE messages on SNMP server.
Telnet is a command line utility use to access remote network devices in command mode for management purpose and it exchange data information in plane text.
SSH(Secure Shell):
It is an inhence version of telnet,It is secure shell.
ARP(Address Resolution Protocol):
It resolve mac-address of destination host for delivery packet.
RARP(Reverse Address Resolution Protocol):
Resolve mac-address to ip-address


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