Types of network and architecture

By | February 15, 2017

Types of network

  1. Personal area network
  2. Local area network(LAN)
  3. Metropolitan area network(MAN)
  4. Wide area network(WAN)
  5. Campus area network(CAN)

Personal area network(PAN)

A PAN is a small network established for communication between different devices.Such as:-laptops, computers, mobile and PDAs .The network extends to a range of 10 meters.

Local area network(LAN)

Network nodes are connected to each other in limited area.Like:-one room, one floor, one building,or one school. LAN can be set up at a low cost.A LAN contains minimum two computers and is useful for sharing files and printers among user connected to network.
Advantage of LAN
Users can store data centrally on the networks files server, which is the data store location in the network.users can also retrieve their data by using any workstation on the network.
Disadvantage of LAN
Setting up a LAN requires strong technical know-how.Data and applications available over the network are vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Metropolitan area network(MAN)

Network nodes are connected to each within a city.0 to 10 kilometer.Like:-a campus. Its geographical spread is smaller then WAN.


Wide area network(WAN)

Network nodes are connected to all over world. ┬áIts made up by connecting two or more LAN.It is costly to set up because of the expensive network equipment required.The world’s most famous WAN is the Internet.The smallest WAN can be formed by combining two LAN.Its disadvantage is that itsr set up at high cost but data transfer rate is very slow.The bigger the network,the more expensive it is.

Campus area network(CAN)

A CAN is a network designed for the automotive industry. A CAN connect devices using a serial bus.It don’t have any address.Instead, nodes broadcast short message by attaching identifiers unique to the network.

Network architecture

  1. Client-server
  2. Peer to Peer
  3. Hybrid


Network nodes are connected to other devices through a central computer as called server.

Peer to Peer

Network nodes are connected to other nodes ,their are no any nodes as a server.Each node on the network has full control over network resources.



A hybrid architecture is a combination of the two basic network peer to peer and client server.


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