The Police Department of Bihar is Working on One-Third Strength

By | March 5, 2017

Per 1 million population there is 69.79 police in the bihar.While, The national average in this case is 182.68. There is the responsibility of protecting 1433 people on the 1 police. While, country level it is 547. There is 7.24 vehicle on per 100 police in the bihar. These calculation shows that, To talk about resources and manpower bihar police is working on one-third power.
However, In the last few year some data restoration to be sure,but despite that  this differences is so large. Over this differences is possible. Above related information about  police have been released by bureo of police research  and deployment in 2015.
There is a few thousand restoration of police but a large number of police has retired. According to police station,there can be some differences. There is not so differences in police restoration.According to this data there is approved post of police 93313  in bihar.
It is so less to national average. Bihar should be 190310 policeman according to national average,while there is only 56686 policeman working and added to all the force these data reach to 70 thousand.
Bihar has only 901 vehicle until 2015. There is only 16 heavy vehicle,while uttar pradesh has more than 13 thousand,Maharastra and Tamilnadu police has more than 15 thousand vehicle. Jharkhand police has more than 6500 vehicle.There is 247 heavy vehicle

Estimate of Bihar and Other State

Police on one lack people

International Average 182.68
Bihar 69.79
Uttar Pradesh 78.14
Jharkhand 172.40
Madhaya Pradesh 119.86
Gujarat 119.54
Rajasthan 134.18
West Bengol 71.53
Odisha 119.61

Responsibility  on one police

International Average 547 People
Bihar 1433
Gujarat 837
Jharkhand 580
Madhaya Pradesh 834
Odisha 836
Rajasthan 745
Utter Pradesh 1280
West Bengol 1398

Vehicle/100 Police(Per Hundred Police)

International Average 7.24
Bihar 1.7
Gujarat 13.53
Jharkhand 11.63
Madhaya Pradesh 8.73
Odisha 11.08
Rajasthan 5.98
Uttar Pradesh 7.97
West Bengol 9.36

Female Police Officer

International Average 6.44%
Bihar 3.32%
Gujarat 3.87%
Jharkhand 5.37%
Madhaya Pradesh 5.28%
Odisha 8.59%
Rajasthan 7.20%
Uttar Pradesh 4.37%
West Bengol 7.17%



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