Rajasthan Nagar Nikay Chunav 2019, Reservation List, Nagar Palika & Parishad Details

By | August 26, 2019

Rajasthan Nagar Nikay Chunav 2019

Rajasthan Nagar Nikay Chunav for Jaipur with other 44 Nikay is going to conduct on November 2019. ALl the parties candidates are waiting for official notification. Nagar Nikay Chunav will be conduct for Jaipur and other 44 Nikay. For this official notification will come very soon. This time in the Jaipur Nagar Nikay BJP anti Vishnu Lata  is the mayor of the city and other Nagar Nikay BJP mayor selected. Congress have broken the rule of Nagar Nikay Chunav. According to previous rule all the Parshad can select the Mayor but according to new rule all the voter of the state will select the city mayor like MLA or MP. For this congress government of Rajasthan has changed the Municipal Act Election Rules 1994. Reservation List of Rajasthan Nagar Nikay Chunav

Rajasthan Nagar Nikay Chunav Reservation 2019

Rajasthan has 7 Municipal Corporation,11 Municipal Councils and 152 Municipal Board. There are total 193 Municipalities or Urban Local Bodies over state. Before the election notification state election commission will declare the Reservation list for chunav. According to reservation list candidates will be selected and nominated for chunav.  Rajasthan Nagar Palika Chunav 2019 Result November reservation list will available after official announcement on state election commission official portal. Rajasthan Nagar Nikay Chunav will conduct for 45 Nagar Nikay including Jaipur city.  Below we have mention all the Nagar Nikay,Nagar Palika, Nagar Parishad List of the state.  We will update here all the candidates name who will stand up in the election for which posts. Nagar palika chunav in Rajasthan.
Latest (19.11.2019):- Rajasthan Nagar Nikay Chunav Live Result details Available below.
Till the 11 Am on 19th November, Congress win 316, BJP 234, and Independent win 113 over 21056 Ward 25 district.

Rajasthanudaipur nagar nigam election



List of Nagar Nikay in Rajasthan 

SI.NO. Name
1 Ajmer Nagar Nikay
2 Bikaner Nagar Nikay
3 Jaipur Nagar Nikay
4 Jodhpur Nagar Nikay
5 Kota Nagar Nikay
6 Udaipur Nagar Nikay
7 Bharatput Nagar Nikay


Ajmer Division Urban Local Bodies List 

SI.NO. List
1 Ajmer Nagar Nikay
2 Beawar Nagar Parishad
3 Kishangarh Nagar Parishad
4 Kekri Nagar Palika
5 Pushkar Nagar Palika
6 Sarwar Nagar Palika
7 VijayNagar Nagar Palika
8 Bhilwara Nagar Parishad
9 Gulabpura Nagar Palika
10 Gangapur Nagar Palika
11 Jahajpur Nagar Palika
12 Mandal Garh Nagar Mandalgarh
13 Aasind Nagar Palika
14 Nagaur Nagar Parishad
15 Makrana Nagar Parishad
16 Mertacity Nagar Palika
17 Didwana Nagar Palika
18 Kuchaman City Nagar Palika
19 Parbatsar Nagar Palika
20 Kuchera Nagar Palika
21 Nawa Nagar Palika
22 Mundwa Nagar Palika
23 Degana Nagar Palika
24 Tonk Nagar Parishad
25 Deoli Nagar Palika
26 Niwai Nagar Palika
27 Malpura Nagar Palika
28 Todaraisingh Nagar Palika
29 Uniara Nagar Palika
30 Shahpura Bilwara Nagar Palika
31 Ladnu Nagar Palika


Bharatpur Division Urban Local Bodies List

SI.NO. List 
1 Bharatpur Nagar Nigam
2 Bayana Nagar Palika
3 Deeg Nagar Palika
4 Kanma Nagar Palika
5 Nadbai Nagar Palika
6 Weir Nagar Palika
7 Kumher Nagar Palika
8 Bhusawar Nagar Palika
9 Nagar Nagar Palika
10 Bari Nagar Palika
11 Rajakheda Nagar Palika
12 Karauli Nagar Parishad
13 Hindauncity Nagar Parishad
14 Todabhima Nagar Palika
15 Sawaimadhopur Nagar Parishad
16 Gangapur City Nagar Parishad
17 Dhaulpur Nagar Parishad


Udaipur Division Urban Local Bodies List

SI.NO.  List
1 Udaipur Nagar Nigam
2 FatehNagar Nagar Palika
3 Salumber Nagar Palika
4 Bhinder Nagar Palika
5 Kanod Nagar Palika
6 Banswara Nagar Parishad
7 Nibbahera Nagar Palika
8 Badi Sadri Nagar Palika
9 Kapasan Nagar Palika
10 Begun Nagar Palika
11 Rawatbhata Nagar Palika
12 Dungarpur Nagar Parishad
13 Sagwara Nagar Palika
14 Rajasamand Nagar Parishad
15 Aamet Nagar Palika
16 Nathdwara Nagar Palika
17 Deogarh Nagar Palika
18 Pratapgarh Nagar Parishad
19 Choti Sadri Nagar parishad
20 Chittorgrh
21 Kshulgarh Nagar Palika



Jaipur Division Urban Local Bodies List 

SI.NO. List
1 Jaipur Nagar Nigam
2 Chomu Nagar Palika
3 Sambhar Nagar Palika
4 Chaksu Nagar Palika
5 Kothputali Nagar Palika
6 Jobner Nagar Palika
7 Phulera Nagar Palika
8 ViratNangar Nagar Palika
9 Shahpura Jaipur Nagar Palika
10 Kshangarh Renwal Nagar Palika
11 Bagru Nagar Palika
12 Alwar Nagar Parishad
13 Bhiwadi Nagar Parishad
14 Kherthal Nagar Palika
15 Kherli Nahar Palika
16 Rajagarh Nagar Palika
17 Tijara Nagar Palika
18 Behror Nagar Palika
19 Kishangarhbad Nagar Palika
20 Dausa Nagar Parishad
21 Bandikui Nagar Palika
22 Lalsot Nagar Palika
23 Jhujhunu Nagar Parishad
24 Nawal Garh Nagar Palika
25 Chirawa Nagar Palika
26 Bissau Nagar Palika
27 Baggar Nagar Palika
28 Khetri Nagar Palika
29 Nagar Palika Mandawa
30 Mukundgarh Nagar Palika
31 Surajgarh Nagar Palika
32 Pilani Nagar Palika
33 Udaipurvati Nagar Palika
34 Vidhya Bihar Nagar Palika
35 Sikar Nagar Parishad
36 Fatehpur Nagar Palika
37 Laxmangarh Nagar Palika
38 Ramgarh Shekhawati Nagar Palika
39 Shrimadhopur Nagar Palika
40 Khandela Nagar Palika
41 Neem Ka Thana Nagar Palika
42 Ringus Nagar Palika
43 Losal Nagar Palika


Rajasthan Nagar Palika Chunav Voter List 2019

Rajasthan Nagar Palika Chunav 2019 November Phase will conduct over Jaipur and other 44 Nagar Palika. In this election all the eligible voter can vote for their their leader. All the voter list who was vote in Vidhan Sabha Chunav can vote in Nagar Nikay Chunav which will conduct in November month.  If the people who have cross 18 year  can add name in voter list. They need to meet their Block Level Officer and provide our birth certificate and photo. Than you name in voter list will be added after some time. According to previous Nagar Nikay chunav all the MLA and MP can select the Mayor but now it’s change in the regime of congress. Nagar parishad chunav in Rajasthan,


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