Quite Amazing Messaging App On Google Play Store

By | March 4, 2017

Google’s Special Messaging App

Google is launching new SMS app for android user. There will more feature like whatsapp. There is a feature of read receipt . Just after read message on whatsapp, two blue tick appear. Similarly, Information of reading message will get front on this app. Android user will chat by group. You will also send high resolution picyures,videp and GIF image. Here is also a facility of typing indicator. This means, When any user type message, thenfront user will know this.

Some Specials Messaging App


NOW sms app is fun messaging app. User not only complex  his sms words, Rather, user may set different light colour screen of message notification of different persons. When screen light is on you will know that whose message has come. There could be used different types od Imozee. This is available on play store in free. It’s size is not large. So, you can download it easily.
Chomp sms apps big beauty is delay send feature. Under this, have a delay of three seconds user can send message and reach to receive message.During this, If user fill the message is incompleted or he has some wrong words, then can stop her. There is also a facility of Material Designing,. To the help of this, you can give attractive color  and design to your sms words.These app give a facility to send scheduled message. You can give answer directly by quick reply popup feature.
Silent Phone Messaging Services
It is a secure messaging service. Which give facility of video and voice call, text message encryption and safely file transfer. You can encrypt your conversation  during call on landline phone and mobile anytime and anywhere in the world. To this , call cann’t be tracked. It support, pdf,docx,Mp-4,pnf and jpg e.t.c .For this service, pay some ammount.
Signal instant Messaging App
It is a free instant messaging app. It gives and to and services for all discussions. Here can be made a chat group. Where is facility of encryption for all group. Through it , you can discuss sensitive data, without any worry. You can use this app to your phone number like whatsapp. It may download on google play store. Your message woll secure to silence.
It app could be  use to replacing  default text messaging on android phone. Before sending and during sending message encryption in this app. Means, Message is more secure. When your phone steal or in the other hand hand then it will also secure, Because, any body cannot unlock data within it. During calling hacking is not possible. It is available on google play store.


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