Understanding the network model

A network model describes how the different devices in a network are connected and how they devices communicate with each other. The following list contains some of the standers network models: Point to Point communication Point-to -multipoint communication Peer to Peer Client/server Centralized Point to point communication In point to point communication, a direct connection exists between two… Read More »

Types of network and architecture

Types of network Personal area network Local area network(LAN) Metropolitan area network(MAN) Wide area network(WAN) Campus area network(CAN) Personal area network(PAN) A PAN is a small network established for communication between different devices.Such as:-laptops, computers, mobile and PDAs .The network extends to a range of 10 meters. Local area network(LAN) Network nodes are connected to each other in… Read More »

Identifying network and its component

Network More than one networks nodes connected to each other purpose of information sharing via guided or unguided media.   To create a network, you require:-   at least two computing devices. Network interface cards (NICs) in each connected device. a network medium , either wired or wireless. a network operating system,such as Windows,Linux,or Novell . Network components… Read More »


IP-address is a unique logical address.It is 32-bit of address

Version of Windows operating System

Windows Operating System is the product Mircosoft. Following are the types of Windows Operating System Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows 2002 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10  

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