Network addressing

By | February 16, 2017

IP address (Internet protocol):-IPv4                                                        It is a logical add assigned by n/w administrator to network nodes for uniqually Indentification . It can be change by n/w  administrator or server it is 32-bit of add in doted-decimal format divided into 4-blocks-each block assigned by 8-bit of add. e.g:- check IP-address open commond prompt run as administer and type Ipconfig. (Type commond in small letter)

IPv4 divided into five classes:

  1. Class A =nodes>65534

  2. Class B=nodes(65534)>254

  3. Class C=2-254

  4. Class D=Reserved for multicasting

  5. Class E=Reserved by Research and development center

Each class according to its size

  • Class A(0-127)

  • Class B(128-191)

  • Class C(192-223)

  • Class D(224-239)

  • Class E(240-255)

0-Defaults routing
127-loopback addressing

Media access controller(MAC)

It is 48-bit of address in hexa-decimal format . It is a unique address of ethernet adapter card assigned by menufecturer . It never can be change so it also called physical address. It use to deliver data on the destination nodes. EX:-19-23-FD-00-56-21.First 24-bit is oui (Organizational Unique Identification no.) and last 24-bit is vender assigned no.To check mac address of computer,open commond prompt run as administrator and type Ipconfig/all and press enter, or type getmac  and press enter.(commond type in small letter).

IP-address assignment methods

  1. static IP address
  2. Dynamic IP address
  3. APIPA(Tutomatic private IP address).



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