Bihar Nagar Nikay Chunav 2017: Reservation List of Mukhay Parishad of Nagar Panchayat

By | April 9, 2017

State election commission issued a reservation list of 81 nagar panchayat. The municipal councils general election 2017 will be held in accordance  with provision of reservation for the general elections  by the election commission of nagar panchayats. Unreserved women means any women that belong to any cast can able to be mukhay parishad of nagarpalika. Unreserved other means any candidates that belong to any cast cab be mukhay parishad of nagarpalika.
Reservation List of Mukhay Parishad of Nagar Panchayat

Nagarpalika  Reservation
Maner  Backward class(women)
Khusrupur  Unreserved(other)
Vikram  Unreserved(women)
Naubatpur  Scheduled Cast(other)
Peero Backward Class(other)
Bihiya  Unreserved(other)
Jagdishpur Unreserved(other)
Koilavar Unreserved(other)
Shahpur Unreserved(other)
Koaath Unreserved(other)
Nokha Unreserved(other)
Nasiriganj Unreserved(women)
Kochas Unreserved(women)
Mohaniya Scheduled Cast(women)
Islampur Backward class(other)
Silav Unreserved(other)
Rajgir Scheduled Cast (women)
Bodhgaya Seheduled cast(women)
Sherghati Backward Class(women)
Tekari Unreserved(women)
Makhdumpur Scheduled Cast (women)
Rafigank Backward Class(other)
Navinagar Unreserved(women)


Hisua  Unreserved(women)
Naugachhiya  Unreserved(women)
Kahalgaonv Backward Class(other)
Amarpur  Unreserved(women)
Bairganiya Unreserved(women)
Belsand Unreserved(other)
Dumra Unreserved(other)
Janakpur Road Unreserved(other)
Motipur Unreserved(other)
Kanti Unreserved(other)
Sahebganj Unreserved(women)
Lalganj Backward Class(other)
Mahua Unreserved(women)
Shivhar Unreserved(other)
Chakiya Unreserved(other)
Sugauli Unreserved(women)
Dhaka Unreserved(women)
Areraj Unreserved(other)
Kesariya Unreserved(other)
Pakridayal Scheduled Cast(other)
Mehsi Unreserved(women)
Chanpatiya Unreserved(women)
Ramnagar Unreserved(women)
Jaynagar Unreserved(other)
Jhanjharpur Unreserved(other)
Ghoghardiha Unreserved(other)
Dalsinghsarai Scheduled cast(other)
Rosra Unreserved(other)
Hawali Kharagpur Unreserved(women)
Barahiya Unreserved(women)
Jhajha Backward Class(women)
Gogari Jamalpur Unreserved(women)
Bakhri Unreserved(women)
Teghra Backward Class(women)
Baliya Unreserved(women)
Sonpur Unreserved(other)
Dighwara Unreserved(women)
Madhaura Unreserved(other)
Rivilganj Unreserved(women)
Ekma Bazar Unreserved(other)
Parsa Bazar Backward Class (women)
Maharajganj Unreserved(women)
Mairva Unreserved(women)
Meerganj Unreserved(women)
Barauli Unreserved(women)
Katiaya Unreserved(other)
Beerpur Unreserved(other)
Nirmli Unreserved(women)
Murliganj Unreserved(other)
Simri Bakhtiyarpur Unreserved(women)
Kasba Unreserved(other)
Banmankhi Unreserved(other)
Jogbani Backward Class (women)
Bahadurganj Backward Class(other)
Thakurganj Unreserved(other)
Manihari Unreserved(other)
Barsoi Unreserved(women)

Election issued by commission will  not be held at Khushrupur, Vikram, Naubatpur, Mohaniya, Shebganj, Keshariya, Pakridayal, teghra, Baliya, Sonpur, Ekma Bazar, Parsa Bazar, and Bakhtiyarpur in 2017.


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