Is mehboba appointment right for kashmiri's

By | February 22, 2017

Spring is in the air and snows are melting. But kashmir’s winter of this content is far from over. The chief of army staff has threatened those who do so with being “overground workers of terrorists”who “will be dealt with as anti-nationals” and subjected to “harsh action. The civilians know the risk they are running. They don’t need to be cautioned by the general. But they are nevertheless puttings their lives on the lines because there seems to no other way to open deaf ears in delhi and the state secretariat.
The terrible summers months of last year seem to have taught no lessons to either modi or mehbooba That they have taught no lessons to Modi is understandable.He has long been past any learning.
The secondary problem of kashmir is terrorism-secondary because it has arisen out of discontent.Terrorism thrives on discontent. It is not a phenomenon, conjured out of thin air.The war against external terrorism cannot be won without dealing with domestic discontent.And dealing with domestic discontent requires engagement with the discontenteed.


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