Instagram Story -Now A Feature Similar to the Instagram Story on Facebook App

By | March 23, 2017

That feature of snap chat which came on the Instagram and then came on the Whats App  now it has come to Facebook only.Since the,” Facebook Story ” feature you will be able to put photos on top of the Facebook app. Which will disappear on its app.Facebook story has been launched for this time Clile, Greece, and Vietnem users. Hopefully Facebook will launched it soon for India. According to Tech Crunch News, This feature was firstly tested between Ireland users. Facebook user is very much worldwide. Last year snap chat  feature came on the Instagram ans last month it came on Whats App.
In such a case, It is clear that the company is in the process of bringing this feature on every platform. Because Facebook’s user is too much. That’s why the company is also bringing it to its main-app. There is full potential to some countries,There is complete possibility that it will soon be launched for the whole world.The most interesting thing is that the number of people using Facebook does not do as much as Instagram or snap chat in such a situation.
The presence of this feature in Facebook will give a new experience for those who not yet taken this story feature in Whats App.However, It will interesting to see how this response received after the launch of this Facebook story in India. Because there was not enough response for the same feature on Whats App.
Instagram Latest Feature
Photo Sharing app Instagram has launched a new feature in it’s app.After than, you will be able to share 10 photo and a video in single post. You can call it Instagram Album. You can add videos and photos  to put a theme  in your album.According to reports, New features of Instagram will be available in all ios and Android of the world of the coming few weeks. After than to come this feature, You will have not upset  to select a single based photo and videos to post on Instagram.know, When you go to post feed on Instagram,then you will have to see a button to selects lots of photos. Users can edit a photo and video with filter, also set his order.


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