Identifying network and its component

By | February 15, 2017

More than one networks nodes connected to each other purpose of information sharing via guided or unguided media.
To create a network, you require:-

  • at least two computing devices.
  • Network interface cards (NICs) in each connected device.
  • a network medium , either wired or wireless.
  • a network operating system,such as Windows,Linux,or Novell .

Network components

  • Node
  • Server
  • Client
  • Peer
  • Host

A node is any device that can connect to a network to generate, transfer,and process data.Like:-computer,router,switch,mobile phone, laptop, e.t.c .A node can be classified as an endpoint and a redistribution points.An endpoints functions as the start or end of data transfer. For example:-a computer, a laptop, a mobile phone acts as an endpoint in a network. On the other hand, a redistribution point acts as a device that transfers data.
A powerful networking device use to control more than one network node.It provide centralized access to services such as email and resources,application files and hardware devices(Like:-printer and scanner).Modern network usually consists of multiple servers, which help to redistribute the workload in a network.
A client is a system that uses services and resources provided by other computer or server.A client computer usually has it own processor, memory and storage capacity, which enable it to perform its own tasks. Like:-The computer used in an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)client dispenses cash and helps you to perform banking transactions.
A peer is a computer in a network that can act as both a client and a server. It use in small networks. When you share data between two computers it act as server and when they access data or internet it act as client.
A host is a device or computer that is assigned an Internet Protocol(IP) address in a network.A host can access services from servers or provide services to network.You can connect different devices to a host to increase its capability for accessing more services;these devices include printers, scanners, cameras and microphones.



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