How to safe your phone ? Quick search

By | February 18, 2017

To safe your phone you have to use some apps 

These app can keep safe your phone

App locker;- To the help of this app, you can not only lock your home screen . furthermore , you can apply this lock to lock your, face book , whats app , skipe , gallery , contact even the coming call in your phone. After thane , in the situation of theft , any body couldn’t open its apps . This app competent to support 24-languages . You can download this app at google play store in free .

Smart app lock:-You can use this app to keep your smart phone safe . TO the help of this app competent to support 31-languages . To the help of this , you can lock home screen of phone , gallery , email , etc , In addition to the  lock that has been installed easily can lock any app . These lock pattern is so secure .

Perfect   app lock:-To help of this , you can lock any app in your phone . To lock the app , you can use pin pattern and gestures . To the help of this , you can lock your WI-FI , 4g data bluetooth etc . this app available at google play store in free .

App locker and gallery hider:-In this app also available facility , pin and pattern lock . Special is that there is not a one lock like other app , Rather , there is include double door feature . this means that , to protect app can use two time lock . Also  , you can detect short timer . 


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