How to Migrates Window-8 Operating Systems/ Step By Step

By | March 31, 2017

A migration replaces a computer’s  current configuration with a new  one by selectively portion  of its previous configuration.

Process of Migrating to Window-8

  • Back Up
  • Install Windows-8
  • Update
  • Install Applications
  • Restore
  • Identify which components are to be migrated to the new operating system.

Migration Tools

  1. Windows Easy Transfer(WET):–   It is a recommended tool for scenarios in which you have a small number of computers to migrate.

Migration using by WET:-
a)-  Store the window-7 WET files to used on the  sources computers.
b)-  Migrate files and setting from a sources computer to the destination computer by using WET cable or network or removable media sharp.
2. USMT(User State Migration Tools):-      A  Scriptable command line tool that provides a highly  customizable user-profile migration experience for IT professional.
Component of USMT

  • Scan State and User State
  • Config.xml and migration.xml file
  • Components manifestsfor windows vista,win-7, win-8 and down level manifests for windows xp.
  • USMT Internal Files

Folder Redirection
I)   Folder Redirection moves some folders out of the user profiles and onto a files shares.
II)  It enables user  to place files in locations that is independent of the computer that they are using.
III)  Configure folder redirection manually  or by using group policy.


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