How To Identify Fake Apps On Google Play Store

By | March 4, 2017

Apps Play a key role to  make smartphones smart. There are many apps on google play store. Along with the good app there are many fake app in the play store. Interestingly is that, These apps are looking like a real app. If you download it, then data could be hacked.Furthermore, your phone processing and  speed will slow to come viruses. Phone could be crashed. So, it is important  to identify fake and real app. Some way to do You can save your phone to this fake app.
Keep the attention of publisher sources
When you download any app, then first of all see his source. Down the app details of his source. It makes you easily to identify real app. Also, You should read review before install any app. What is app,How it works,how many star given by user, From there, You will take all these explain address.Before you use, any body write there his experience.
Please Visit the App View Mode
You can take all information about through real more or view on google play store.You will got all details like:- Launching date of app,subscribers Version e.t.c .To focus, when download any app then focus on the name of app. When people download, the app several time in  hasten,that name and logo are similar, but they are fake.


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