Apple Leak Reveals new expensive iphone8

By | March 6, 2017

The Apple iphone8 will be the most expensive smartphone. According to the financial newspaper Nikkei, Apple will shrink the top and bottom bezels to make iphone8 smaller than iphone7.
iphone 8 price will be $1000, that is most expensive. Apple iphone8 display is 5.8-inch but only 5.15 would be usable. Apple’s upcoming iphone8 would also come with wireless charging.
The company was also planing to introduce a new connector type for accessories for the iphone,ipad and other devices through it’s official made for iphone(MFi) licensing programme.
Ultra Accessory Connector(UAC). It is a eight-pin connector is slightly less thick than USB-C and near half as wide as both USB-C and lightning.


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